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seaching sophia communion

I’ve watched more families interact than I care to remember. After six years in youth work, I felt like I had seen it all. Usually, it was all bad. From the outside, it is easy to see the flaws that let the fragility of love show through. Yet sometimes I am still amazed by the love families can exhibit.

It feels like a miracle to watch the moments of pure unconditional love, even if they are fleeting. Like putting a blanket on a sleeping child, these are moments of pure comfort.

I walked into a kitchen full of laughter and the smell of yeast. As an entire generation worked dough from a grandfather’s recipe, bond of familiar love were cemented forever.

My little brother and I shiver in unison as we dip our feet in the chilly pool. We splash and giggle, as our feet turn blue in the fading sunset.

A teenager, tall and blond, engages his 90-year-old grandmother in an intent conversation. Despite her hearing loss, he shows patience beyond his years and she shows excitement beyond hers.

Sometimes, when we are most sure that the world has nothing to offer but spite and hate, love jumps out at us and shocks us into believing in the magic of the universe again.

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