About the Author

Autumn Elizabeth is a writer with a yen for travel and a passion for justice. While she proudly calls herself a Northern Californian, because that’s what it says on her birth certificate, and because her Californian heritage goes back six generations, she is actually a nomad. In less than 30 years, she has lived in 3 countries, 6 U.S. states, and over 20 homes. When she isn’t writing for this blog, she also maintains Searching Sophia’s Pockets, a blog about wisdom, love …and lint, with her friend Jenni. If you are still hungry for more of her writing check out A Practical Wedding, (where she posted about her wedding and her divorce), and Quiet Mountain Essays (where she posted about sexuality). The rest of her writing resides in a filing cabinet in a basement somewhere in the Midwestern United States. Autumn Elizabeth can be reached by e-mail at : Autumn.Elizabeth.Ro [at] Gmail.com

Also, in case you were wondering, she looks something like this.



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